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Composite Series Downdraft Tables (DDC-XXXX)

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Composite Series Tables (DDC-XXXX)

Dynamo Composite Cartridge Series Downdraft Tables feature a "Jet Pulse" pushbutton cartridge cleaning system. Standard cartridges are an 80/20 media (nanofiber also available) which clean at a 99.95% capture rate at 0.5 micron. As dust is captured and collected on the filter, the "Jet Pulse" cleaning system sends a burst of air through the filter, pulsing the collected dust off the filter and into the dust tray below it. These units may also be fitted with an auto-cleaning timber to clean the filter automatically at certain intervals. Not to be used with any spark-generating applications.

DDC-XXXX Brochure

DDC-XXXX Cut Sheet

DDC-XXXX Owners Manual

Table Features Click a feature to view details
  • Showing the front-left door open, exposing the cartridge filter and dust tray.
  • Showing the front-right door open, exposing the blower motor.
  • Our DDC tables offer an easy access panel for projects requiring the edge of the table.
  • A side view of the table, control and access panels.
  • A view of the back of the table.
  • A view of the back of the table, showing the air reserve tank and valves.
  • Casters are optional on the DDC-XXXX for easy portability.
  • The top of our tube-style tables is coated with a rubberized grit to prevent slippage.
Sizes / Options

Listed below are the available sizes for our composite cartridge-style downdraft tables. Each table is available in 1-Phase or 3-Phase.
Make sure to select the proper electrical configuration prior to adding the table to the shopping cart.

DDC-2872 28" x 72" 3000 CFM Optional

DDC-3444 34" x 44" 1800 CFM Standard

DDC-3444-H 34" x 44" 3000 CFM Standard

DDC-3672 36" x 72" 3400 CFM Optional

DDC-4848 48" x 48" 3000 CFM Standard

DDC-4872 48" x 72" 3900 CFM Optional

DDC-4896 48" x 96" 4800 CFM Optional


**Optional Features on All Models: Explosion Proof Motors (3-Phase only), Light Bars, Exhaust Mufflers, Magnehelic Gauges, Filter Cleaning Auto-Timer, HEPA Filter Banks, 3-Sided 20" Shields