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Metal Grind Series Downdraft Tables (DDG-XXXX)

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Metal Grind Series Tables (DDG-XXXX)

Dynamo Grind Series Downdraft Tables feature a ¼" heavy-duty steel top, 3-sided moveable spark shield, flame-retardant cartridge filtration, and an ember-catching water tray. These tables are used for welding and all types of metal applications (grinding, cutting, polishing, etc.) These tables cannot be used for any type of magnesium or aluminum application. Please contact us to discuss alternative options for these applications.

DDG Series Tables feature a "Jet Pulse" pushbutton cartridge cleaning system. Standard cartridges are an 80/20 media (nanofiber also available) which clean at a 99.95% capture rate at 0.5 micron. As dust is captured and collected on the filter, the "Jet Pulse" cleaning system sends a burst of air through the filter, pulsing the collected dust off the filter and into the dust tray below it. These units may also be fitted with an auto-cleaning timber to clean the filter automatically at certain intervals.

DDG-XXXX Brochure

DDG-XXXX Cut Sheet

DDG-XXXX Owners Manual

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  • For general grinding and welding of non-ferrous metals.
  • DDG table tops are thick 1/4" steel, with holes to allow for proper airflow and particle entrapment.
  • The side guards can be folded back to increase the work area space.
  • Our grind tables are equipped with a spark arresting tray to help extend the life of the filters.
  • A view of the blower motor.
  • Showing the side of the unit, with blower exhaust and magnehelic gauge (optional on some units).
  • A view of the back of the unit, with doors closed.
  • A view of the back of the table, showing the air reserve tank and valves.
  • Our DDG tables can be fitted with optional casters for easy portability.
Sizes / Options

Listed below are the available sizes for our grind-style downdraft tables. Each table is available in 1-Phase or 3-Phase.
Make sure to select the proper electrical configuration prior to adding the table to the shopping cart.

DDG-2635 26" x 35" 1975 CFM Casters

DDG-2872 28" x 72" 3000 CFM Auto-Timer, Magnehelic Gauge

DDG-3648 36" x 48" 3400 CFM Casters

DDG-3660 36" x 60" 3600 CFM Magnehelic Gauge

DDG-3672 36" x 72" 4000 CFM Muffler, Auto-Timer, Magnehelic Gauge

DDG-4848 48" x 48" 3600 CFM None

DDG-4872 48" x 72" 4300 CFM Muffler, Auto-Timer, Magnehelic Gauge

DDG-4896 48" x 96" 5300 CFM Muffler, Auto-Timer, Magnehelic Gauge


**Optional Features on All Models: Explosion Proof Motors (3-Phase only), Light Bars, Exhaust Mufflers, Magnehelic Gauges, Filter Cleaning Auto-Timer, HEPA Filter Banks, Carbon Filter Banks