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Wood Working Downdraft Tables (DDT-XXXX)

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Wood Working Tables (DDT-XXXX)

Dynamo Wood Working Tube Series Downdraft Tables feature a tube filtration system, which cleans with a 99% capture rate at 1 micron. While having close to the same capture rate as cartridge filters, they have less cloth to air ratio. This makes our tube style tables great for lighter applications (finishes, fine sanding dusts, and light solid surface applications), but not adequate for heavier applications. In addition, these tables feature casters (standard) and a heavy wooden table top with non-slip surface. Not to be used with any spark-generating applications.

DDT-XXXX Brochure

DDT-XXXX Cut Sheet

DDT-XXXX Owners Manual

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  • Showing the table with top opened and motor cover removed.
  • An exhaust port is mounted on the side of the table.
  • The top of our tube-style tables is coated with a rubberized grit to prevent slippage.
  • Tube-style filters capture wood particles, which drop into to the dust drawer.
  • The dust-drawer conveniently slides out for cleaning.
  • A stiff-bristle filter brush is included to clean the tubes of dust and trapped particles.
  • Our wood-working tables come standard with casters for easy portability.
  • Outlets are mounted to the back of the tables for easy power access.
  • Hydraulic arms hold the table top securely in place for easy service.
  • A top-view of the blower motor with the access panel removed.
Sizes / Options

Listed below are the available sizes for our wood working tube-style downdraft tables. Each table is available in 1-Phase or 3-Phase.
Make sure to select the proper electrical configuration prior to adding the table to the shopping cart.

DDT-2848 28" x 48" 2800 CFM

DDT-2872 28" x 72" 3400 CFM

DDT-2896 28" x 96" 3500 CFM

DDT-3660 36" x 60" 3400 CFM

DDT-3672 36" x 72" 3500 CFM

DDT-3696 36" x 96" 3400 CFM

DDT-4848 48" x 48" 3400 CFM

DDT-4872 48" x 72" 3800 CFM

DDT-4896 48" x 96" 4300 CFM


*Casters standard on all units.

**Optional Features on All Models: Exhaust Mufflers, Magnehelic Gauges, HEPA Filter Banks, 3-Sided 20" Shields